An extraordinary fantasy adventure in locales around the world for children 8 and up.

There's more to the Earth than people realize

We all know that the Earth is big and beautiful, but there’s more to it than most people realize. Follow the stories of these 11 eleven-year-olds as they solve their individual Quests and discover the great forces at work that have pulled them together.

The Quests of Underice (books 1-3)

The first three books tell the stories of the first four Questers and their adventures in the hidden realm of Underice. Available now in my online store and at Amazon.

The Quests of Underice book cover

The Quests of Underice

All three books in one volume. It's the best value, and the best way to go straight from the cliffhanger in Chasing the Gnome on to Dragon Country!

Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon
Chasing the Gnome cover

Chasing the Gnome

Carla spotted a small man in a tall red hat stealing from her house and soon discovered that she was on a Quest. She grabbed her best friend, James, and the pair set off knowing only that they had to catch the gnome. They had no idea where they were going and would never in a million years have guessed who they would meet.

Note: Chasing the Gnome ends in a cliffhanger! 144 pages in print.

Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon
Dragon Country cover

Dragon Country

Carla, James and Geneva continue their trek north through Underice. They know that Gwarath, the gnome, is up to something and solving their Quests depends on them figuring out what’s going on.

As they head north, the children explore the depths and heights of Underice and meet a variety of Elder Folk, some of whom are out to help them… others who are out to stop them.

156 pages in print.

Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon
Culpepper's Statue cover

Culpepper's Statue

This story picks up where Dragon Country left off, with thousands of people, dwarves, gnomes, dragons and one giant, crazy-looking machine! Carla, James, Davey and Geneva had no idea what they were getting into when they started their Quests. There’s no turning back now, as they’re caught up in the biggest story to hit Underice in a thousand years!

144 pages in print.

Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon

The Quests of the Lost Jungle (books 4-6)

As of Christmas Eve, 2016, the Quests of the Lost Jungle is a complete first draft!

The Unicorn Guide, Castle in the Amazon and The Mimicbird's Flight need editing, polish and publication. Stay tuned (see below for how to stay up to date).