The Linked List style

I experimented with using Daring Fireball’s “Linked List” style where the blog post link (in RSS) points not to the blog but to the site being talked about. In the end, I decided that this is annoying. If I’m posting something to my blog, I will generally have at least some comment about it. Rather than just passing the reader along to the original site without my comment, I’d rather have them come to my site and see the comment and then head over to the site I’m linking to.

This is particularly true since my blog posts automatically appear on Twitter and they would have been linking from Twitter to the original site and not to my site. It’s not a matter of wanting traffic to my site. It’s a matter of not wanting to link to the sites without comment. (I use delicious for that sometimes…)

Edito: Markdown editor for the iPad (with browser and custom keys!)

Edito is a new markdown editor for the iPad.

For those of us who spend most of their time in Markdown, this tool allows to simply type a document using the Markdown syntax, and visualize its HTML equivalent immediately in a web-powered window, without leaving the app. In other words, it does the Markdown to HTML conversion in a breeze, and lets you email the resulting files.

The on-screen keyboard has a row of useful keys for Markdown. It also includes a web browser. No Dropbox integration (yet!), but I think they’re on the right track here and this could become a great way to write blog posts on the iPad.

Kensington Keyfolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad

I’ve been hoping that someone would make an iPad case that could hold my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, because typing on screen can be a drag. It’s not quite the same, but Kensington seems to have the next best thing:

Unlike the ClamCase, this one looks like a product that will be shipping soon.

Right now, Amazon is listing this at retail price ($100). I have a feeling that will drop by the time they ship. Meanwhile, MacMall is listing the item at $75.

The Onion: Americans hire a lobbyist

Americans hire a lobbyist:

“The goal is to make it seem politically advantageous for legislators to keep the American people in mind when making laws,” Weldon said. “Lawmakers are going to ask me, ‘Why should I care about the American people? What’s in it for me?’ And it will be up to me and my team to find some reason why they should consider putting poverty and medical care for children on the legislative docket.”

The Onion proves once again why it’s America’s Finest News Source. I wish that an article like this wasn’t so spot on.