WordPress to Octopress and Back

Apparently, I have a reduced tolerance for random geekery. I like a lot of geekery, but my time has become increasingly precious as the years have gone by. It’s been years since the last time I built a PC from parts and then tried to get all of the peripherals running on Linux. That was fun in its own way, but I don’t have a tolerance for that brand of fun these days.


I’m a geek. I know that when you want to write and you want to get your writing out in the world, it doesn’t matter how you do it. However, I have found that the tools you use can encourage certain behaviors and discourage others. I have never really found WordPress to encourage me to write. I decided to change my blogs from WordPress to Octopress for a few reasons: more control: Octopress is built on Jekyll and I am more comfortable with my ability to bend Jekyll to my will easily than I am with editing WordPress themes.

The Linked List style

I experimented with using Daring Fireball’s “Linked List” style where the blog post link (in RSS) points not to the blog but to the site being talked about. In the end, I decided that this is annoying. If I’m posting something to my blog, I will generally have at least some comment about it. Rather than just passing the reader along to the original site without my comment, I’d rather have them come to my site and see the comment and then head over to the site I’m linking to.