Mar 23, 2020 08:00 · 194 words · 1 minute read

Git 2.26

The GitHub blog breaks down Git 2.26.

At Khan Academy, we have a monorepo. This version of Git makes protocol version 2 the standard, which should speed up access for us thanks to the client asking proactively for what it wants.

Sparse checkouts might not work entirely well for us, because we have a lot of tooling that expects you to have the entire monorepo checked out. The new ability to selectively add things in might make this more interesting, though.

git grep has gotten faster, but that doesn’t matter much to me since I’m already a happy ripgrep user.

Through this post, I also learned about git worktree, which seems like another useful tool for dealing with large Git repositories. It lets you have multiple checkouts from a single repository.

Folding@Home lets you donate your computer to science

With Folding@Home, you can donate your spare CPU and GPU cycles their way to help cure COVID-19, cancer, and more. Works when you’re not using your computer.

Khan Academy is hiring

I posted in the latest HN “Who’s Hiring” thread. There have been lots of folks laid off recently, and we can help.

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