Mar 30, 2020 08:00 · 179 words · 1 minute read


Martin Kleppmann, Annette Bieniusa, and Marc Shapiro have put together CRDT.tech, a website with information and resources about, surprise!, CRDTs. This is an important technology for distributed systems and offering Local First software.

Air Quality Monitoring

With people spending more time indoors and at home right now, I’ve seen more discussions on Twitter about indoor air quality. This matters in Michigan, because it’s cold for a good portion of the year. DHH did a presentation at Basecamp on why air quality matters. He’s been recommending the Awair sensor, but I have seen a number of complaints about it being inaccurate. (DHH has tested multiple of the Awairs and found them to be generally fine.) This presentation goes through particulate tests for a number of “cheap” monitors, and did find variation among them. I ended up ordering an AirVisual Pro as a result of the breakdown there and other reviews. It appears to have a very nicely readable display, which is a nice feature so that anyone in the household can take a look without dealing with the app.

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