Jun 2, 2020 08:00 · 115 words · 1 minute read

Just stop the superspreading

Two epidemiologists have written a NY Times op-ed about COVID-19: Just Stop the Superspreading. “In our study, 20 percent of Covid-19 cases accounted for 80 percent of transmissions.” 70% didn’t spread to anyone. Another similar article in Science.

Nice comparison of Zettelkasten and PARA

There are many ways to do Knowledge Management, and they might fit different brains. This is part of how I feel about task managers. Different tools for different brains. Zain Rizvi’s Zettelkasten vs. PARA article was interesting to me because it provided a nice summary of PARA and how it’s focused on doing more just-in-time rather than accumulating lots of knowledge and grooming it without explicit purpose.

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