Sep 9, 2020 08:00 · 109 words · 1 minute read

How to make a blockbuster movie trailer

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and really should have linked to it then. Auralnauts shows us How to make a blockbuster movie trailer, and it’s epic.

Trump wanted to downplay coronavirus

In early February, Trump knew the dangers of COVID-19 and in March, he said he always wanted to downplay them. As much as his press secretary wants to call this false, there are tapes because Trump voluntarily sat for 18 interviews with Bob Woodward. Just Security has a [timeline of the botched response](https://www.justsecurity.org/69650/timeline-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic-and-u-s-response/.

CNN was first to publish this news from Woodward’s book, which is due next week.

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