React Flow

As I’ve seen others note, this is a bad name because there’s already a “Flow” in the React ecosystem. Even so, React Flow looks like a very nice set of React Components for building connected node-based UIs.

People selling vaccination cards

Eric Feigl-Ding reports that people are selling real vaccination cards, enabling people to pretend to have received the COVID-19 vaccine. The ethics of that all around are terrible.

Most artists aren’t making money off NFTs

Kimberly Parker breaks down the numbers around NFT sales, specifically looking at the median sale and finding that it looks just like every other market: A few big winners, a lot of people getting almost nothing. Shockingly, a third of NFTs looked at sold for $100 or less and had average fees of 100%! Cryptocurrencies

10 scientific reasons in support of airborne (aerosol) transmission of COVID-19

Zeynep Tufecki wrote about a paper she co-authored in The Lancet, which makes the case that the evidence has consistently supported that COVID-19 transmits not via large droplets but via smal aerosol particles.

“Is it time to eliminate outdoor mask wearing?”

COVID-19 science does not tell us that we need to wear masks outside all the time.

Irrational COVID fears

Another COVID-19 tale for the day: Irrational COVID fears, about how we need to get back to reality after vaccination.