Vaccines appear to greatly reduce transmission

From Yes, vaccines block most transmission of COVID-19:

Taken together, the evidence shows that full vaccination with either mRNA vaccine cuts risk of infection by at least half after one dose, and by 75 to 90 percent two weeks after the second dose. Though less research is available on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the trial data suggest an infection reduction of more than 70 percent is likely. With the vaccines preventing this much infection, they’re also stopping the majority of vaccinated people from passing along the virus.

Following up on my blockchains and publishing article

My article about Why blockchains won’t revolutionize publishing made it to the front page of Hacker News for a time and ended up with more than 60 comments. I had far less engagement on Twitter, but appreciated Kevin Wittek’s support:

As an academic blockchain researchers I am honestly thankful to read such a well written article that avoids the hype as well as the inappropriate subjective criticism.