Critiquing apps, libraries, and code

Chelsea Troy wrote a thread on Twitter about critiquing apps and libraries as you would art. Her four main points:

  1. Who is the creator’s audience?
  2. What are the creator’s goals?
  3. Who is your audience (in writing the critique)?
  4. What are your goals?

She goes on to show how the kind of snarky, negative commentary we often see in tech circles doesn’t really serve any of the common positive goals.

Chelsea’s blog post about writing helpful pull request reviews is also great.

More on aerosol transmission of COVID

Jose-Luis Jimenez is one of the authors of The Lancet article about COVID-19 transmission via aerosols. He wrote up an excellent Twitter thread summary of the article. I saw this in his new thread about the history of aerosols vs. droplets. Zeynep Tufecki has a huge article in the NY Times about the history of this particular medical blind spot. It’s an OpEd, but it’s been deeply fact checked.