A Star Wars Day TikTok

TikTok makes remixing easy and people do all kinds of wacky things with it, including this guy introducing his girlfriend on Star Wars Day.

Maybe we need masks indoors just a bit longer

Zeynep Tufecki wrote just the other day about how the CDC was being timid with their approach to COVID-19. Now, with the CDC announcing that fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks or social distance anywhere, Tufecki is arguing for masks a bit longer, and I think she’s right. She points to the sociological aspects of it, and she is a sociologist.

Essentially, on the way up, even a week or two of delay in enforcing safety precautions can be catastrophic because the process feeds on itself to amplify very, very fast. On the way down, it’s the reverse. The spread will be contained much faster if multiple measures are combined. Then, at a time to be determined by epidemiologists, we can get to the point that those who are not vaccinated, for whatever reason, can be far better protected because there will be far less virus in circulation.