Half a million lines of Go

My latest blog post about Khan Academy’s move from Python 2 to Go reflects on our experience with Go after writing 500,000+ lines of it.

I posted it on Thursday, but it showed up on Hacker News today. It also got comments in r/programming and r/golang.


traVRsal lets you experience VR worlds by walking around, taking advantage of whatever physical space you have available. It’s currently available on SideQuest and is apparently coming to App Lab soon.

Being able to safely walk around while obvrgated is cool.

Taking good headshots

I am not someone you’d come to for Photography tips, so I’ll link to helpful resources. Wired has an article with tips about taking a good self-portrait using just your smartphone camera.

In the episode of The Creative Penn podcast The Challenges of a First Novel with James Blatch, Joanna Penn mentioned that she’s had some professional headshots taken recently. She had outdoor shots taken by a pro photographer. Indoor shots were also taken by a pro photographer, but using the Shutter Studio app, which allows photographers to run a virtual photoshoot by controlling the subject’s smartphone. Clever idea!

Non-violent fantasy novels

Looking for some light Fantasy reading? There are a bunch of recommendations in this Reddit thread about non-violent fantasy authors/books/series.