Notes for the week of 2021-10-11

Comparison of memcached and Redis for caching

Redis does a lot more than simple caching, but caching is possibly its most important function for many people. Ben Boyter wrote a deep dive comparison between memcached and Redis that is worth the read if you’re choosing one or the other.

Johnny Decimal for finding stuff

Johnny Decimal is an alternative to the Zettelkasten approach for categorizing and filing notes and information for ease of finding later. It’s simpler as it’s generally only two numbers: a two-digit category and an ID. Eleanor Konik wrote a terrific essay covering personal knowledge organization that talks about the value of Johnny Decimal.

Republicans voting for Democrats to save democracy in the US

Two op-eds on the same day saying roughly the same thing: Max Boot’s I’m no Democrat — but I’m voting exclusively for Democrats to save our democracy and Miles Taylor & Christine Todd Whitman’s We Are Republicans. There’s Only One Way to Save Our Party From Pro-Trump Extremists.. Stopping the slow moving coup is incredibly important.