DB API Generation

Sep 30, 2020 00:00 · 112 words · 1 minute read

There are lots of ways to generate REST or GraphQL APIs from databases.


  • Supabase
    • Supabase is an interesting idea: combine a bunch of projects together to build something like Firebase built atop PostgreSQL
    • Supabase itself is essentially glue for all of these projects. Reminds me of TurboGears that way.
    • Something that may be interesting independently: GoTrue is a user-management system open sourced by Netlify
  • DBCore generates Go code and TypeScript/React code
  • Octo is a tool written in Go that exposes a database as a web service


  • Postgraphile exposes a GraphQL API of a PostgreSQL database
    • Uses row-level security to ensure that users can only access what they should be accessing
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