Resources to learn more

Want to learn more about JavaScript or using JavaScript to mod Minecraft? Here’s the list for you!

JavaScript is one of many, many programming languages. It’s among the most widely used, so there are tons of resources available. Here are a few that are a good followup to this class.

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript

Book cover

Walter Higgins, the creator of ScriptCraft, has a book (officially coming April 2015) that goes into more detail than this quick overview has.

Eloquent JavaScript

Book cover

Eloquent JavaScript is a book that’s available in print and online (for free!). The online version of the book lets you edit and run the code snippets right there in the page.

3D Game Programming for Kids

Book cover

3D Game Programming for Kids teaches the creation of, well, 3D games. All of the code samples can be edited and run right in your web browser.

Khan Academy Computer Programming

Khan Academy offers a collection of free lessons in programming with exercises that you can write and try out in your browser.


I haven’t tried it yet, but LearnToMod builds on the same ScriptCraft environment that we’ve been working with. But, it looks like they run ScriptCraft for you, which saves you the trouble of running ScriptCraft locally. They have “hundreds” of lessons. Looks like a good deal at $30 per year.