The Merry Squid

The Merry Squid is a whirlwind tour of using the JavaScript programming language and the ScriptCraft mod to change how Minecraft works. I don’t go into great depth in JavaScript or ScriptCraft/CanaryMod/Minecraft, but there are resources given at the end.

Part 1: Hello from the Squid!

This is a short, 4 minute introduction to the class.

Part 2: Setup for the Mac

Got a Mac? The Part 2 page will tell you how to set up your computer.

Part 3: Setup for Windows

Got a Windows PC? This is the part for you!

Part 4: In Which I “Drone” On

This is where we get into the fun stuff: using JavaScript and ScriptCraft’s “Drone” object to draw with Minecraft blocks.

Take a look on this page for the ScriptCraft Drone Quick Reference.

Part 5: Can’t Hold Me Back!

The Minecraft command line is quite small and limited. In this part, we learn to how to create bigger structures using the Drone.

Part 6: More JS

We dig in to some more important features of JavaScript and learn how to control the weather along the way.

Part 7: An Event You Won’t Want To Miss

In previous parts, we learned how to build things easier in Minecraft. In this part, we learn how to make something that doesn’t exist at all in plain old Minecraft.

Part 8: Egg Hunt!

It gets a bit complicated, but in this part we end up with a minigame inside of Minecraft.

Where to go from here

A collection of links that represent a good followup to this course.