About Kevin Dangoor

Hi. I’m Kevin. I’m not overly formal, which is why you get an intro like this one. I’m also not prone to speaking about myself in the third person, if I can help it.

About this site

I’ve been a blogger since 2001, but Twitter ruined my blogging habit. I want to change that, but I’d like to take a different approach. Rather than specifically focusing on new and reacting to the happenings of the day, I want to build up a knowledge base here. Something kind of like Martin Fowler’s idea of a bliki. I’m using Hugo rather than a wiki engine, so it’s a little harder to make links, but the idea is still there.

If I read about an interesting new approach to Python web development, I won’t blog about that in a standalone way. Instead, I’ll update my Python Web page to talk about the new development with the useful surrounding context. I’ll revise the post date to reflect the update.

About me

Since 2015, I’ve been working on Khan Academy’s engineering team. Since early 2018, my role has been as an architect, which involves a whole host of things.

Prior to Khan Academy, I worked at Adobe on the Brackets project, Mozilla on the Firefox dev tools, SitePen, Arbor Networks, JSTOR, and several other companies. I’ve held positions in architecture, software development, management, product management, and sales engineering. You can cram a lot in 30 years, it turns out.

I am also known as the founder of CommonJS, and TurboGears, a Python web framework.

I cowrote Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears, and I also write middle grade novels as Barnaby Quirk.