Notes for the week of 2021-09-06

Alexander Obenauer’s lab notes

Alexander Obenauer is imagining a new OS and has some very cool ideas that overlap with some of the “tools for thought” space.

tree-grepper to search your code

tree-grepper builds on tree-sitter to allow you to quickly search your source tree using structured queries rather than simple text regexes. Looks quite handy for certain kinds of tasks, and this blog post introduces the 2.0 version.

age file encryption tool

age seeks to be a straightforward way to securely encrypt files, with minimal configuration and, therefore, fewer chances to get things wrong. Open source (BSD) and written in Go (can be used as a library).

Ship/show/ask branching strategy

Rouan Wilsenach has written an article about Ship/show/ask as a branching strategy. I’ve been working on teams using some variant of the pull request model for years, but I think there’s a potentially compelling case here that requiring a PR for everything (“mostly ask”) may not be the optimum way to go. Once you have a team with established patterns, shipping code that follows those patterns may not even require review.