Notes for the week of 2021-08-30

Klipse: embed interactive code snippets

Now that everything can be compiled to JavaScript, we can get cool tools like Klipse, which lets you embed interactive code snippets into a webpage.

Cue Health

This is fascinating: Cue Health offers an in-home COVID-19 test, which sends results to your smartphone in 20 minutes. It doesn’t seem widely available yet and is not cheap ($249 for the reader unit, plus $75 for a test), but seems like a very attractive approach.

Vaccines vs Delta in LA county

In COVID-19 research, A new CDC study shows that unvaccinated are 5x more likely to be infected and 29x more likely to be hospitalized than those that are vaccinated.

Randomized trial on masks and community spread

Lyman Stone is excited about COVID-19 research that picked random villages in Bangladesh to promote masking and then found that fewer old (55+) people got symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections in the villages where masking was promoted, particularly with surgical masks. Even better: Jason Abaluck was on the research team and wrote a thread about the research.

Common problems in space opera

Charlie Stross put together a list of common space opera cliches, which represent a good list of troubles to avoid when writing. Written in 2016.