The Dragon of DC

The Dragon of DC ebook cover

The Dragon of DC (affiliate link, thanks for clicking!) is a Kindle Vella serial, with the story written in episodes. The first five episodes are the “series premiere”.

Here’s what the series is about:

With magic unleashed in the world, “politics as usual” is truly over in DC. Senator Margaret Anderson earned the nickname “The Dragon” during her years as a prosecutor. Thanks to an activist group of magic-lovers, she’s no longer the only dragon in town. She and Lyle “Three” Smith III, her head of security, find themselves at the center of a world turned upside down. Dragons have rights, and Margaret wants to help in this tale of magic, adventure, and legislative battles.

How to read it

Kindle Vella serials are currently available in the US only and can be read on the web and in the iOS Kindle app. The first three episodes are free and, after that, you pay a small amount in tokens to read more. Amazon is giving away 200 free tokens to try out more episodes. I hope you give it a whirl!