Crank.js: using the JavaScript runtime to simplify React Suspense and Fiber

React has been evolving and the Suspense API has been in the works for some time. The creator of Crank.js has blogged about the idea that led to its creation, which boils down to changing the idea of how “pure” React render functions need to be and how much work can be delegated to the JS engine.

“SQL is a better API language than GraphQL”

Simon Willison posited that SQL is a better API language than GraphQL and the conversation that followed was quite interesting with good points coming up in favor of using SQL (you can create virtual tables that are not backed by the DB at all) and also GraphQL. Simon’s coming at this from the perspective of read only APIs, and he has been largely working with APIs that are backed by SQLite. Also cool that you can create custom functions for SQLite in Python