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Owning your desires

This Ask Polly column by Heather Havrilesky Everything I Do Fails, So I Don’t Even Try is awesome. I believe a lot of this, generally do okay with it, but reading this makes it clear when I’ve fallen short.

The thing no one tells you is that hunger itself is divine. Wanting things is good for you. It’s only the shame around wanting that creates trouble.

Write-only Twitter interfaces

Sometimes, I just want to post something to Twitter and not get sucked in (it is a microblogging platform, after all).

Chirr is an app I forgot about which lets you compose tweet threads and post them all at once. Typefully is a new entrant that does much the same thing.

One problem that I’ve had with non-Twitter composition services in the past is that they don’t support features that Twitter does (like image handling, or completion of usernames that I want to tag). Chirr does support image uploads, as a paid feature. Is this something I’d pay $30 per year for? Not sure yet.