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Twind: Tailwind in JS

Get the advantages of CSS-in-JS and Tailwind all in one package: Twind.

Integrating TypeScript with Svelte

Adam Rackis has written a complete intro to setting up TypeScript with Svelte.

Catalyst: GitHub’s approach to making Web Components easier

GitHub is a fast website with a good UI, and it’s largely based on extensions to the old server-based approach for web dev instead of the single page app approach. Catalyst’s introduction says it’s “a set of patterns and techniques for developing components within a complex application”. See the Catalyst homepage.

In general, I don’t think Web Components have lived up to the original desires, but it’s good to see GitHub’s success with them. I think they’ve open sourced a bunch of components, but I wasn’t able to trivially find them.

Making change in an org without just adding more process

Henry Robinson started a good Twitter discussion on making org change without adding process. Cindy Sridharan had her own similar thread from March. Camille Fournier wrote a blog post in response

Merging the microservices back into the monolith

Ben Nadel’s blog post about merging some of InVision’s services back into the monolith does a good job of describing what “microservices” are for: either technical considerations (different scaling/availability needs) or organizational considerations (helping teams work faster and more independently).

Not letting Trump’s accomplices live down their attacks on democracy

Parker Malloy’s article is nearly two weeks old at this point, but it’s still on point: since the election, Trump has been trying to overturn Biden’s electoral victory through authoritarian means and many in the GOP have been going along with it. Even Mitch McConnell has been under attack by Trump since declaring, only after the Electoral College voted, that Joe Biden is the President-elect. Trump’s behavior should not be normalized.