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Remote team fun event ideas

There’s a whole load of great ideas in this Hacker News thread for Remote Meeting fun.

List of AI Writing applications

Joanna Penn has compiled a list of artificial intelligence writing applications which cover a range of capabilities. Also interesting is the AIArtists.org list of creative tools to generate art.

Galaxy brain meme, licensed for use

@desplesda created a freely-usable version of the galaxy brain Viral Memes. Note that there are a couple of CC-BY images in there, so some attribution is required.

Are religious people more moral?

Preface this with the caveat that psychology research has a reproducibility problem, this article: Are religious people more moral? is quite interesting (spoiler: the article follows Betterridge’s law of headlines). Interesting hypothesis on why modern religions look as they do:

Religion provided an answer by introducing beliefs about all-knowing, all-powerful gods who punish moral transgressions. As human societies grew larger, so did the occurrence of such beliefs. And in the absence of efficient secular institutions, the fear of God was crucial for establishing and maintaining social order.