Dealing with flat Earthers

I find it hard to believe that people who believe the Earth is flat really exist in substantial numbers today, and yet here is someone who deals with them on a near-daily basis as they meet up at their mobile planetarium. Their thread on how they deal with them is great and likely applicable to other kinds of conspiracy theories and Science denial. I was not at all surprised that their book recommendation at the end was The Demon-Haunted World (affiliate link), which is a great book.

A Twitter thread of random facts

McKay Coppins asked Twitter for interesting facts he could tell his kids at bedtime. Twitter responded with thousands.

Astro: “ship less JavaScript”

Back on 2020-12-03, I came across Elder.js. Astro sounds like a similar idea, but framework agnostic and likely tuned for different and less complex cases. Still pretty cool that you can render your site to static HTML, mixing in JS when needed and hydrating the components as they’re used.