Learning Go

Dec 29, 2018 11:56 · 160 words · 1 minute read

I’m new to Go, and I want a crash course in building services with it.

Learning Go from Zero to Hero

Milap Neupane published Learning Go from Zero to Hero just a few days ago. It covers the real basics of the language. Go is known for its simplicity, so I think this article actually does cover much of what’s needed, albeit without nuance that I’m sure comes from using the language.

A blog post with comments: How I write Go services after seven years

Mat Ryer wrote a post in May 2018 called How I write Go HTTP services after seven years. This seems like a good starting point, because 7 years is a long time in Go history.

I often find some value in reading comments about such posts to see what agreements and disagreements there are. Here is the Reddit thread for the post. There weren’t as many Hacker News comments. Another HN thread had 2 comments.

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