11 Quests

My fantasy series for readers ages 8 and up. It starts with The Quests of Underice trilogy in which Carla and James find themselves in the midst of huge events in a land hidden inside the Greenland ice shelf.

The first draft of The Quests of the Lost Jungle trilogy was completed in late 2016! Next up: editing and publishing.

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My Blog: Blue Sky On Mars

I've been blogging at Blue Sky On Mars for 15 years. I don't blog consistently, though. Recently, I've started writing at articles.blueskyonmars.com, which is a Medium site with all of the good things that come with that. I'll also sometimes post non-software writing at my personal Medium page.

About Me

I'm best known for my work in computer software development. Since 2015, I have been helping to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere through my work at Khan Academy.

Prior to KA, I worked at a number of companies both big and small: Adobe, Mozilla, SitePen, Arbor Networks and JSTOR to name a few. I founded the CommonJS project and the TurboGears and Paver open source projects.