Mar 26, 2020 08:00 · 140 words · 1 minute read

bigslice is Go-based Apache Spark

It uses the bigmachine library to spin up instances (supporting AWS right now, but could support others). These systems can be complex to monitor and manage, so I would likely tread carefully, but I like to see efforts like this, especially since Spark doesn’t support Go.

Slack’s growth during COVID-19

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield posted a twitter thread about the wild ride they’ve had since the beginning of March. Slack is among those organizations for which COVID-19 has led to growth.

Safe grocery practices during COVID-19

Grand Rapids, MI doctor Jeffrey VanWingen posted a video with the steps he uses to ensure his groceries are clean of the coronavirus.

Update: Don Schaffner, a food microbiologist, provides a counterpoint, especially around washing the fruit with soap.

Surreal drone tour of San Francisco during shelter-in-place

Via kottke

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