Nicky Case’s visualization of COVID-19

Working with epidemiologist Marcel Salathé, Nicky Case made this fabulous visualization of COVID-19 interventions.

Wealth, shown to scale

Not talking about Politics is, in itself, a political statement. Wealth shown to scale is one of those scrolling visualizations that is attempting to get across just how vast a divide there is in Wealth Inequality. I, like pretty much everyone, believe that it’s perfectly fine for people to be wealthy. That idea is not incompatible with the idea that wealthy people have, in recent decades, been tilting the political scales in their favor, enabling their wealth to grow in a way that absolutely does not “trickle down” to the average person.

While it would seem to defeat the purpose, I wish visualizations like this would include a table of contents because there are a number of interesting point made that many people may not get to if they don’t scroll all the way to the end.

Fantasy name generators

Name generators can be handy among Writing Tools, and Fantasy Name Generators is a useful site. I like how it generates lists of names.

Behind the Name is one of the Writing Tools that is helpful for non-fantasy settings because it can tell you all about the names you’re using.