TickTick todo list

I’ve tried many task managers over the years. I spent a fair bit of time on OmniFocus along the way. For a while now, I have been settled on Things. TickTick looks interesting, though. The calendar views and other niceties (pomodoro timer) seem like good additions. That said, Things is just so smooth that I’m actually not itching to try a different task manager right now.

Upnote and Craft

I’ve been using Bear for a while now for notes. Bear is a great app, but has been a bit stagnant while they’re working on their big editor rewrite. In the meantime, Upnote has come along and it looks similar to Bear, but with more goodies. Craft also has neat ideas to bring Notion-like features to native apps. Of course, I’m also using Obsidian to type this text right now. Lots of good stuff happening in the notes space. I’m not going to switch from Bear right this second, but I’m keeping an eye out.

What should someone do if they get the coronavirus?

Someone (who I don’t know) on Twitter asked the question: What do you do if you get COVID-19? Like, how do you take care at home. covidhomecare.ca has answers. There was also a tip in the thread about using a fan to create negative pressure to avoid the virus flowing throughout a space.