Sky Pool

Pretty sure I’d be deeply uncomfortable swimming in the Sky Pool, which is 115 feet above a London street. The shots make it look like an impossible construction, but you can just make out a couple of steel reinforcements in one of the pictures.

Fatality rate among fully vaccinated is not precisely known

Apparently, some folks are claiming (falsely, as we’ll see) that the COVID-19 fatality rate among vaccinated people is higher among the vaccinated. This isn’t true for multiple reasons: we don’t have a good count of breakthrough cases because they’re more often asymptomatic, and a higher proportion of those who are vaccinated are elderly, which also means they’re at greater risk of serious illness from the disease in general.


Solomon Hykes has been playing with Cue and linked to a resource I hadn’t seen before: Cuetorials

peru package manager

peru is “a generic package manager, for including other people’s code in your projects”. Built in Python, it knows how to fetch stuff from git, unpack files, and put them in places.

amfora is a gemini client in Go

Not many people use gemini, but I wanted to have a client around in case there was something to take a look at. amfora is the one I installed and it seems fine. I partly wanted to log it here, because I’m almost certainly going to forget its name and wanted to be able to find it by searching for “gemini”.