Notes for the week of July 26, 2021

Pronouncing non-English names for English speakers

Steve M. Carroll has a handy collection of tips for pronouncing non-English names, with a specific focus on pronouncing those names with sounds we have in English. Some of the commenters on Hacker News have tips of their own, including for Polish.

Walkthrough of creating an app with web tech and Rust

Luke Edwards wrote up his experience creating a cross-platform desktop app using Svelte and a Desktop Web toolkit called Tauri, which is built in Rust and uses the platform’s web renderer instead of bundling its own, as Electron does.

Discord gets threading, but there are better ways to go

Discord’s new threading implementation looks similar to that of Slack. A few weeks ago, I learned of Quill which has much more powerful threading.

Surrealist art

Unusual Art Resources: absurd.design has surrealist art that can be used for illustrating things. 15 free (PNG) images, requiring a link. After that $57 per quarter including SVGs. Seems pretty cool if you want a unique look.

Any potential side effect of the vaccine is likely worse with the disease

There are some relatively rare side effects found in some of the COVID-19 vaccines. We all heard about the rare blood clots from the AZ and J&J vaccines. Did you know that the disease itself can cause blood clots?

“It’s important to remember that the risk of blood clots from a COVID-19 infection is much more likely than any side effect of a vaccine. If you want to protect yourself from blood clots, get vaccinated.”

I haven’t heard of systematic research, but there have been reports of changes to menstruation from the vaccine. Guess what? This is true of the disease, too!

The more people you vaccinate, the higher proportion of vaccinated people in the hospital

John Burn-Murdoch breaks down the reason you may see higher proportions of vaccinated people being hospitalized

This is part of perspective on a COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts. Alex Morse points out that the vaccines are working and a Reddit thread includes a lot more context about the story. Matt Gertz talked about the problem with these headlines. Here is the paper the CDC published

Loren Sands-Ramshaw on self-publishing

Loren and my coworker John Resig recently self-published a book on GraphQL and Loren wrote up his thoughts on self-publishing technical books. I am currently in the process of writing a complete how-to guide on publishing, and he does a good look at pros and cons to self-publishing vs. traditional.


DaisyUI is a free alternative to TailwindUI if you want a set of components for TailwindCSS.

PaperDelivery: articles from Twitter, delivered

PaperDelivery is a currently-free service that can take articles that appear in your Twitter feed and deliver them to you in RSS or by email.