Notes for the week of 2021-08-02


The US government provides a fire map to show where wildfires and smoke plumes are located right now.

The costs of selling COVID fear

James Surowiecki wrote about coverage of CDC’s new mask guidance and the underlying COVID-19 data and how the press did not do a good job of showing just how well the vaccines continue to work.

The insides of bowling balls

In the everything-is-more-complex-than-you-expect department, we have pro bowling balls, which have a lot of interesting design inside.

The route to stealing 2024

Greg Sargent wrote about how the 2024 US presidential election can be stolen:

Instead, those making such accusations need to create just enough confusion to enable well-placed Republicans to say the actual outcome of a given election is fundamentally unknowable. The coin of the realm is not concocted proof; it’s manufactured uncertainty. This is what will lay the groundwork for attempting to overturn a future election.

The Onion on cryptocurrency

The Onion is on-point at usual: Markets In Turmoil As Price Of Money Skyrockets To $90 A Dollar

Real KN95 masks

I wanted to get some reliable KN95 masks and found, via Wirecutter, these Powecom masks from Bona Fide masks. The price was reasonable and shipping was free (at least for the quantity I bought).